Seeing Blue

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Melissa Lowery’s gorgeous turquoise jewelry catches your eye and it can be hard to look away. A self-taught jewelry artist who founded SSD Jewelry in 2003, Lowery creates the bright hues from a homemade patina—or oxidation, a process involving natural ingredients such as salt, wood and vinegar that colors her metals to make them appear naturally aged.

Lowery says her jewelry is very much inspired by the ocean; she grew up in Sarasota, Florida but now lives in Zebulon. “Nature, color and landscapes have always been my muses,” Lowery says. Lowery’s love for nature melds with a desire to care for the environment and practice her craft sustainably; she aims to leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible in her jewelry-making process.

Lowery utilizes recycled materials, including reclaimed metals and organic materials such as repurposed leather, wood and natural fibers, to make her unique pieces along with eco-friendly packaging to transport them. These materials and processes mean Lowery’s pieces of jewelry are one-of-a-kind works of art—no two are ever the same.

“Being able to have the opportunity to create artwork that also serves as a meaningful keepsake for my customers is always the underlying purpose for what I do,” Lowery says. “Being able to pursue [my passion] in a career is so fulfilling.”

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