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Cyclists have an easier, safer way to get around downtown Raleigh this fall, with the city’s newly opened Downtown North-South Greenway Connector. The city’s first separated bike lanes are located on West Street and Harrington Street and will connect to two future proposed greenways. The lanes also connect independently to downtown Raleigh destinations including the newly opened Publix, Weaver Street Market and many local restaurants, shops and bars in Glenwood South and in the Warehouse District.

The lanes take cyclists out of vehicle traffic and give them an independent place to ride, while FlexPosts between the lanes and the street provide further distance between cyclists and cars. Green markings signal to drivers that they need to stop and look for bicyclists as they’re coming out of driveways or making turns.

Additional separated bike lanes are coming to Lineberry Drive, Crabtree Boulevard and Morgan Street this fall.

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