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WEB EXCLUSIVE We love seeing the magic local artists make on the blank spaces they see around the city. And, lately, murals have been going up like crazy. Now grab a bike, take a walk or take a drive to see some of the beautiful public art Raleigh’s artists are creating around town.

If you want to locate more art around Raleigh, take a look at this interactive map that Raleigh has put together at their website here. Or check out our previous round up of Raleigh’s must-see murals.

“Reflect of Diversity” by Rosa Cruz

New Bern Ave at Raleigh Blvd

Cruz uses her artistic talents to depict the social and cultural diversity of the city through abstract art. This mural is part of the #TogetherRaleigh project, an initiative to make GoRaleigh’s bus shelters inviting and beautiful by the addition of public art.

“Know Where You Stand” by Claire Alexandre

Intersections of Salisbury and Cabarrus Streets

This artwork is a tribute to the Native American tribes and the lands we have trampled on and lived on. All the details here depict elements of the natural world that are culturally and environmentally important to the these eight tribes.

Vote Chalk Mural by CHALK RIOT

510 W Martin Street

Created in collaboration with MTV and Downtown Raleigh Alliance, this vibrant art mural encouraged the community to get out and vote. Chalk Riot is a group of mural artists, many of whom use their art for activism.

NINA, A MONK, AND A TRANE by Kiara Sanders

Pecan Road at South Sanders Street

Sanders pays homage to some of Jazz’s greatest black artists and North Carolina natives, including Nina Simone (Tryon), Thelonious Monk (Rocky Mount) and John Coltrane (Hamlet). This bus shelter mural is also in collaboration with the #TogetherRaleigh project.

Denise Hughes

2912 Wake Forest Road

Denise Hughes uses her art to bring sunshine and positivity to her community everyday. She uses shadows to really bring the art to life in hopes that it will brighten the cloudy days of all who sees it.

John Lewis by Jalel Ronin

Trophy Brewing 827 W Morgan Street

Ronin was offered the opportunity to create this mural in loving memory of John Lewis and the impact he had on America. Check it out at Trophy Brewing in downtown Raleigh.

“Piedmont Neighbors” by Annie Blazejack and Geddes Levenson

Poole Road and Rawls Drive

As a part of the #TogetherRaleigh project, Blazejack and Levenson use their art to celebrate our local friends in nature. Every component of this piece lives in this region of North Carolina!

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