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On the Pursuit of Happiness

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Local artist Taylor White opens new pop-up exhibit in Downtown Raleigh.

Local artist Taylor White’s colorful, eye-catching murals are hard to miss. Chances are you’ve passed one or two of them while strolling through Downtown Raleigh (or Durham and beyond). There’s “Abstracted Motion,” an augmented reality mural on the side of the City Center Parking Deck in collaboration with Google Fiber; “Bacchanaila,” which covers the back wall of the bar at Whiskey Kitchen; and “Flora and Fauna,” painted for the Wake Forest Renaissance Center and the United Arts Council—to name just a few of White’s astounding art pieces.

Now, the nationally recognized artist is showcasing her work through her first solo exhibition, Pursuit of Happiness, a collection of large-scale abstract figurative paintings through which White explores the modern dilemma of individuals identifying themselves as apart from nature.

Taylor White

“I have wanted to produce a show for several years, and what at one point seemed crazy in the context of global events, now seems serendipitously well-timed,” says White.

The collection features works that White has worked on during the last 18 months in response to the events of 2020, “a period in which foundations were shaken, plans were upended and emotions were at an all-time high,” she wrote in an Instagram post announcing the gallery. “The world in which we now live is tech-centered; nature-detached; and disconnected from ourselves, our source and each other. My work approaches these issues with irreverence, and keeps it playful.”

Viewers of the self-funded and self-produced pop-up gallery—which runs through Aug. 28—can expect to see visually captivating pieces from White that utilize bold colors, textures and shapes to study the human form and confront the noise of the internet age in the context of this past year’s global upheaval. Perhaps on White’s pursuit of happiness, you’ll get to thinking about the world around you as well. taylorwhite.art

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