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Dram & Draught Opening Third Location in Durham This Month

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Everyone’s favorite cool neighborhood bar is expanding to Bull City on Aug. 27.

Dram & Draught will always be your go-to comfortable, cool neighborhood bar, no matter what neighborhood—or city—it’s in. And now that our favorite treasured watering hole is opening up its third (!) location in Downtown Durham in late August, we have all the more reason to seek out a craft cocktail and venture out of Raleigh to meet up with friends. 

“I might be biased, but I think bars are so very important to our culture and our society, just for meeting people, catching up, making new friends, meeting up with old friends, meeting your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife,” says Dram & Draught co-owner Kevin Barrett. “It’s a public meeting house—that’s really what it is.”

And while Barrett maintains that each Dram location doesn’t follow one certain cookie-cutter character (“they each have their own unique personality,” he says), you can expect the same amazing whiskey selection, kickass cocktails, well-curated beer list and small-but-interesting wine list we all know and love about our resident Raleigh D&D.

“There’s something for everyone, basically,” Barrett adds. “The vibe is consistent with Dram & Draught, but it will vary location to location.” 

One of the Durham location’s main differences is that it will be larger and have a true private room—complete with a sliding door that opens to the bar for good measure (great for business meetings, friendly get-togethers and other celebrations). There will be some carry-over with the cocktail menu, but each location has its own unique contributions. 

Barrett says that Durham seemed like the natural option for Dram’s next expansions (Raleigh houses the first location; and Greensboro, the second). “When we first drove out [to Durham]—probably three years ago—just looking at spaces, I remember driving into town and there were like eight or nine heavy cranes on the horizon, and I was like, ‘Wow, there’s really stuff happening in Durham,’” Barrett reflects. “It is time to go to Durham”

Not to mention all the great restaurants that the Dram & Draught Durham will neighbor (Barrett specifically notes Mike Lee’s M Sushi and Matt Kelly’s restaurants). “Why wouldn’t you want to be out there with those guys?” he says.

Despite having our beloved Dram just down the road from us, we’re certainly excited to discover all that the Durham location has to offer. So if we’re ever hankering for a beverage in Bull City, you’ll know where to find us. Grand opening Aug. 27, 701 W. Main St., dramanddraught.com

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