Luther Taylor beard oil

Tailored to the Senses

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Man up your beard game with Luther Taylor beard oil (quadrupling as a natural cologne, hair oil and moisturizer)—about to be your new favorite all-in-one men’s product.

This luxury beard oil is really going to grow on you. Developed by Raleighite Michael Blevins and his wife, Mary, Luther Taylor beard oil is made with natural, certified organic, vegan and 100% unrefined jojoba oil (which, when used in an everyday skin regime, may promote healthy hair growth) and handformulated scents from around the world—perfect for bearded dudes who are frustrated with beard creams, serums and other products on the market that fall flat.

Intoxicating scents (most of which also boast some pretty interesting names…) include 1500, 1975, Pussy Willow (chill, it’s a plant), Blood Root, Lore, Ox-Eye and Long Spur—and all do double duty as a natural cologne. You can even use it on your body and face. See? Told ya it’d grow on you.

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