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Local skincare brand Good Juju Herbal offers natural and sustainable bar soaps for happy skin.

Judith Jones’ severe eczema gave her a run for her money (quite literally—dumpster diving was even involved…), but after unearthing allergies to 17 common chemicals found in most skincare products, she spent her last $20 on a soap-making kit, to which—guess what—she wasn’t allergic. 

Classic sob story turned inspiration, Jones used this basic allergen-friendly soap as the launchpad for her now very successful female-run, 100% natural, sustainable (and affordable!) skincare brand, Good Juju Herbal—and, more recently, as a platform for the Happy Skin Project, which provides people undergoing harsh treatments like chemo or radiation with free, discounted and deeply moisturizing bar soap.

As a former health care provider and a longtime sufferer of troubled skin (who also has a long list of family members touched and taken by cancer), Jones knows that proper and affordable skincare products for fragile or medically impacted skin is an important—yet often overlooked—part of holistic care.

“The Happy Skin Project is a forever type of project for me,” says Jones. “Not only does this work help me process my mom’s terminal cancer diagnosis, but it also highlights the things I care about most in the work that I do… helping [people] achieve healthy skin and thus a more comfortable life.” 

The Happy Skin Project is just one of the ways in which Jones is providing better skincare basics, education and community to others. And it’s working out pretty well for her too. After all, she went from dumpster diving to being featured in the likes of Vogue, HuffPost, People, BuzzFeed and more. Talk about a success story.

Good Juju Herbal is also currently going zero waste as part of the company’s focus on sustainability (all products are made from plants and naturally derived ingredients). The gentle yet hardworking handmade soap is vegan and formulated for any sex, any age, any skin—hence every “body”—and can even be used as a laundry detergent (a win-win!). 

So if you have skin issues yourself, or just appreciate well-made skincare products that’ll make you feel good, throw a bar of soap in your cart (there are tons of great seasonal scents from which to choose—including spiced pumpkin and cinnamon oatmeal!)… and consider donating a Happy Skin Project bar for just $2 more while you’re at it. Scrub-a-dub-dub… feelin’ good in the tub! 

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