Young Hearts Distilling Garden Party

3 Local Cocktails to Cheers National Vodka Day

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ICYMI, National Vodka Day was yesterday (Oct. 4). To extend the good cheer (and the fact that vodka is cool again), we tapped three top local spirits experts on their fave vodka sippers around town—and why these boozy bevs top their list.

Garden Party | Young Hearts Distilling | @youngheartsdistilling

Young Hearts Distilling Garden Party
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Sip on botanical bliss with this wispy, nature-inspired blend of house vodka, house gin, rose cordial, egg white, lemon and a rosebud garnish. “The backbone of the drink is our vodka, important to provide structure for the drink to be built on. We combine that with our gin to provide the botanical notes that remind you of walking through a garden, with rosemary, juniper and pine, and a wisp of rose in the background.” –Chris Powers, Young Hearts Distilling co-owner

Still Beating | Dram & Draught | @dramanddraught

Dram Fall Vodka Cocktail

Created by Clovis Lecour, this succulent vodka cocktail (including campari, pasubio vino amaro, fresh lime juice and simple syrup) is “crushable but still complex with some earthy, herbal undertones.” –Kevin Barrett, Dram & Draught co-owner

Vesper Martini | Corpse Reviver Bar & Lounge | @corpserevivercocktailbar

For the vodka cocktail, “I’m actually going to head right toward the 007 martini.” Featured on the fall menu, the Vesper Martini merges Durham Distillery’s cold distilled cucumber vodka, Conniption American Dry gin and dry vermouth. Garnish with an olive (“We like to stuff the olive with a lemon rind.”) –Melissa Katrincic, Durham Distillery co-owner, CEO and president

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