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Let’s Get Fizzical

In Eat, November 2021 by Melissa Howsam2 Comments

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“Truly” begging you to ask “White Claw, who?” is your newest boozy effervescent RTD (aka ready to drink) obsession, Ranch Water Hard Seltzer, rolling out in November. Brought to you by local spirits heavy weight Lonerider Brewing Company (clearly pushing the boundaries of that brewery moniker—and we are here for it), North Carolina’s first Ranch Water bev weighs in at a cool 80 calories and 3.6% ABV—meaning you can savor this refreshing hard seltzer’s tequila essence, agave, lime puree and sea salt sipper without getting sloshed on one (perf—because we dare you to drink just one). So, essentially Lonerider is at the forefront of the RTD revolution. “Craft breweries ushered in the revolution that the beer industry is in today,” says Lonerider CEO and “Chief Drinking Officer” Sumit Vohra. “The breweries now have to evolve as a next-generation beverage company. RTDs are a prime example. The next evolution in RTDs will focus on bringing cocktail flavors to the market. And that’s where our Ranch Water will bring the simplicity and refreshness of this classic cocktail to North Carolina.” We’ll drink to that. Oh, and stay tuned for a jalapeno pineapple version in the mix soon. Look for it at Lonerider, in grocery stores and;

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  2. The Ranch Water Jalapeno Pineapple does not taste like either! Sorry!

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