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Cult-fave Cold Mountain turns 25—now how to get your hands on one…

It’s like taking you to the mountain and saying this is what you can’t have… Come holiday season, if you ever wanted your cold one to be a Cold Mountain then you know. The cult-following spiced winter ale by NC’s Highland Brewing Co. in Asheville (billed as the pioneer of the mountain town’s now booming craft beer scene) released annually around the region in mid-November can be all but impossible to hunt down in town. Now feting its 25th anniversary with a brand-new chill look (NTM the brewer’s weekend long frothy release fest), the ever-elusive bleak-beating brew is no doubt in even higher demand. 

So if you’re looking to find a mountain of Cold Mountain sixers in Raleigh—instead of empty aisles and dashed dreams—your best bet on where to stock up locally is Wegmans, Bottlemixx and Whole Foods. But—wait for it—a little holiday surprise for you… ICYMI, the classic version is just one of four Cold Mountain flavor profiles: the OG Cold Mountain we all know and love, plus Coconut Cold Mountain, Imperial Cold Mountain and Super Spice Cold Mountain. But before you go all Fast and Furious on your way to score those suds, while the brewery confirmed there will be a “very, very limited draft availability of Super Spice Cold Mountain and Coconut Cold Mountain going out into the market,” those will be gone “like a snow flurry.” So, if you want to secure these varietals, you’re gonna have to make the hike down 40 to Highland Brewing. Um, worth it. Cheers to 25 years!

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