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Whether you’re a super fan or just posting up at parties for the sips and snacks, the post-Super Bowl hangover is real.  Hence, Super Sick Monday (aka some 17+ mil ditch work) has long been a thing—officially coined National Football Hangover Day in 2019 by ESPN host Katie Nolan as a day dedicated to food comas and depression over waiting till fall for more gridiron goodness (um, unnecessary roughness!). This year, with the extra NFL week, Hangover Day falls on Monday, Feb. 14 (yup, Valentine’s Day—cue the boos). To help get you through, we test your chops on NC football stars and stats. We’ll give you an over/under of 7. Prove us wrong…

1. In a devastating turn of events, Malcolm Butler’s jaw-dropping interception of Russell Wilson’s pass at the goal line with 20 seconds left in Super Bowl XLIX allowed New England to escape with a win. How’s that for dropping the ball? What was the final score of the game?

a. 32–28

b. 28–24

c. 21–15

d. 17–10

2. Arizona safety Adrian Wilson holds the record for most tackles by a former Wolfpacker in a single Super Bowl. How many solo tackles did he rack up?

a. 4

b. 6

c. 7 

d. 9

3. Known for smashing records both in college and in the NFL, NC State legend Torry Holt held which of the following ACC records at the end of his career?

a. Career receiving yards

b. Single season receptions

c. Career receptions

d. Career touchdowns

4. Super Bowl 50 is the first to feature opposing quarterbacks who were both drafted No. 1. Who were they?

a. Cam Newton and Tom Brady

b. Tom Brady and Matt Ryan

c. Peyton Manning and Cam Newton

d. Russell Wilson and Tom Brady

5. In the ultimate underdog success story, which former NC State quarterback spent the first part of his NFL career as the third-string quarterback for the New England Patriots, eventually getting his starting position with the Indianapolis Colts?

a. Brandon Mitchell

b. Mike Glennon

c. Philip Rivers

d. Jacoby Brissett 

6. Former NC State players have been known to take to the turf in the Super Bowl once or twice. Who was the very first former player to appear in the big game? 

a. Charley Young 

b. George Hegamin

c. Jim Kelly

d. Mike Cofer

7. It’s no secret that NC State has produced many talented players over the years, but
which former Pack star defensive end and linebacker was the first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft?

a. Manny Lawson 

b. John McCargo

c. DeMario Pressley

d. Mario Williams

8. What former Wolfpack footballer was the first to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame as a member in the 2020 class?

a. Torry Holt

b. Bill Cowher

c. Adrian Wilson

d. Russell Wilson

9. Which former NC State player, after playing for four other NFL teams, returned to his NC roots as a Carolina Panther?

a. Juston Burris

b. Darryl Johnson

c. Dennis Daley

d. Stephon Gilmore

Answers: 1. B; 2. C; 3. A; 4. C; 5. D; 6. A; 7. D; 8. B; 9. A

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