Beauty as Therapy

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Clean up your (skincare) act with Anne’s Apothecary’s clean, eco-friendly beauty products.

Searching for a clean conscience? Look no further than Anne’s Apothecary, a Black female-owned skincare brand that offers 100% clean, eco-friendly skincare products in a recently opened (gorgeous!) DTR brick-and-mortar—with upcoming workshops and demos to boot (think learning how to make natural lipstick, tinctures, therapy oil, candles and more). 

Founder Anne Lawoyin’s retail storefront comes after years of hard work and myriad local farmers market appearances—not to mention the national acclaim her in-house, handcrafted formulations received from the likes of Elle, Brides and Prevention

But if you ask Lawoyin, she’ll tell you she’s always been a maker. Prior to immigrating to Raleigh from Nigeria in 2008, she regularly made natural skincare products. “It’s a process that I find incredibly therapeutic,” she says.

“If I have a choice to control what I put on my skin, I’ll choose [products] that have been as minimally processed as possible.”

—Anne Lawoyin

But it wasn’t until the nurse-turned-natural beauty philosopher’s mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 that she became concerned about her exposure to unknown toxins in the environment and in the products she used. That’s when Lawoyin once again turned to making natural, plant-based skincare products—not only as a way to cope, but also to provide clean products to others.

Lawoyin also believes that killing animals for beauty is a vain concept… thus her focus on plant-based ingredients. To wit, she employs plenty of plant extracts—such as licorice, which she says is great for hyperpigmentation—to help enrich her products, ranging from acne spot therapy and aloe gel to aromatherapy soap to botanical hand and body lotion. 

So the next time you’re in need of a little self-care Sunday, Anne’s Apothecary has you covered from head to toe.

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