Quiz: Raising the Bar

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Bottoms up! If you’re in pursuit of hoppiness and ready for a challenge, take our quiz to test your knowledge on Raleigh’s beloved breweries, fave beers and crafty local beer trivia. We’re feeling pretty hoptimistic you can ace this one. 

1. Formerly known as Boylan Bridge Brewpub, Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing current owners Sara Abernethy and Chris Borreson took over the space in what year and transformed it into the hip restaurant and brewery (with the best Downtown views) that we know and love today?

a. 2016

b. 2017

c. 2018

d. 2019

2. “You can brew it!” Raleigh Brewing Company is owned by Kristie Nystedt, the _____________ woman to own a brewery in North Carolina. 

a. First

b. Second

c. Third

d. Fourth

3. Trophy Brewing Company co-owners Chris Powers and Woody Lockwood met and became friends in 2000 while working at a string of bars and restaurants in which Raleigh district?

a. Fayetteville Street

b. Glenwood South

c. Midtown

d. North Raleigh

4. Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder, and with the world’s largest selection of draft beers, we’d say Raleigh Beer Garden is looking pretty good. In what year did the local lager legend win its first Guinness World Record?

a. 2013

b. 2014

c. 2015

d. 2016

5. A pitcher-perfect backstory, when Neuse River Brewing’s owners added the brasserie—featuring delish European-inspired dishes—in 2019, they brought in Steven Jankowski to develop the menu, who previously served as executive chef of what prestigious establishment?

a. SC Governor’s Mansion 

b. NC Governor’s Mansion

c. The Biltmore Estate

d. The White House

6. A popular spot for “outlaws,” Lonerider Brewing Company is well-known for its IPAs, hefeweizens, brown ales and stouts. In how many states is Lonerider Beer distributed?

a. Seven

b. Eight

c. Nine

d. Ten

7. The Raleigh Beer Trail encourages visitors and locals alike to check out the area’s breweries, with a special passport to receive stamps for each new brewery visited and the chance to win some pretty cool prizes. How many Triangle-area breweries are on the trail?

a. 28

b. 30

c. 36

d. 39

8. Brewgaloo, North Carolina’s biggest craft beer fest, normally takes place at the end of the month. The two-day festival features breweries, food trucks, and tons of beer samples and brews from all over the state. On which DTR street does this event occur?

a. Hargett Street

b. Fayetteville Street

c. Wilmington Street

d. Glenwood Avenue

9. Beer is good for what ales you. Clouds Brewing serves over 40 brews to guests, along with a plethora of other drinks—plus lunch, dinner and brunch options. Most of Clouds’ dishes are inspired by which country?

a. Germany

b. France

c. Spain

d. Greece

Answers: 1. D; 2. A; 3. B; 4. C; 5. A; 6. C; 7. C; 8. B; 9. A

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