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Eat Up, NC!

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Bite into North Carolina’s contemporary food movement with UNC food historian Marcie Ferris’ latest book, Edible North Carolina.

46 vibrant photos. 20 food phenoms. 20 recipes. ~300 pages—’tis the feast food historian Marcie Ferris dishes in her new book, Edible North Carolina, the first volume of its kind to ever extensively examine the power and reach of our state’s vital food movement. 

“North Carolina is a place with really important voices in the American and Southern landscape,” says Ferris (of Matzoh Ball Gumbo and The Edible South fame). “I want readers to understand issues at the heart of our national food systems through the lens of one state.”

Accordingly, the beautifully produced tome takes us on a statewide culinary journey from seaside to hillside via full-color photos by Baxter Miller and insights from leading NC top toques and personas (think Garland’s Cheetie Kumar, Chef & the Farmer’s Vivian Howard, nationally recognized food personality Sandra Gutierrez, and food writer Victoria Bouloubasis), farmers, entrepreneurs and food equity activists documenting the edible excursion to dish up a 360-degree view of our longstanding and constantly evolving food movement. 

Turn the pages for a firsthand look at the likes of our coastal seafood movement, indigenous and local Chinese food culture and more—and how our vital food system serves our state (and nation)—from attracting residents and building tourism to boosting the economy, supporting sustainable growth and upping our region’s reputation.

Beyond a feast for the eyes—and the senses (!)—the book, Ferris hopes, serves as a vehicle for us to understand our power as consumers—and eaters. “I think you need to read this book to be an informed, happy, healthy and joyful eater in North Carolina,” says Ferris, and to know “about issues that contribute to our quality of life and the economy of our state.” To wit, she says, if you have access to local food, you have a treasure (#truth). We’ll take a bite outta that!

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