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I’d pic(nic) you any day.

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A tisket, a tasket—you’re gonna want Southern Picnics to pack your picnic basket this summer.

Picture this. A blanket on the banks of the Vltava river in Prague. A romantic rendezvous over a prepackaged picnic basket of charcuterie and Champagne curated by a small local resto. So goes the origin story of local Southern Picnics, whose owner, Angela Byrnes, sprawled along those river banks in 2018, whiling away the hours with her boyfriend over fab fare and bubbles—and an idea bubbled up. “We spent the whole afternoon talking and laughing until it turned dark,” says Byrnes. “It’s one of my favorite memories together.” 

Now that fond memory serves as the foundation for Raleigh’s premiere “flower-filled vintage picnics with classic Americana charm.” Upon realizing that picnic-spotting in Raleigh was, at that time, random at best, Byrnes decided to spread the love of a, well, sweet spread. “I wanted to share this almost-forgotten way of spending time together,” she says. 

So, shortly after her return from the Golden City, she bought her first picnic basket and filled her weekends with park-picnic-hopping at Dix Park, the art museum, small neighborhood parks and the like. Alas, Southern Picnics was born. Unfurled in fall 2020, this taste of Europe in the South (fun fact: picnics are so Euro) has been making life an (upgraded!) picnic ever since.

When most of us think of picnics, we picture scratchy grass and granny’s PB&J on the playground. This isn’t that. This is curated charm. Nostalgia. Retro. A transporting experience. This is a step back in time with seasonal floral arrangements sprinkled among decor a la ’50s & ‘60s with reminiscent metal coolers, vintage tennis racquets, Thermoses, glass soda bottles and lanterns, to name a few. “We have spent years curating our collection of antique and vintage decor so our picnics can recreate a classic Americana-style picnic,” says Byrnes. Modern more your style? No sweat. Mod up your picnic with primo selects from the likes of One Kings Lane, Spode, Juliska, and Scully & Scully. 

Either way—add to that curated classic experience all the fuzzy feels, as each luxe experience is dedicated to a dose of communal love to boot via Southern Picnics’ exclusive partnerships with local women- and minority-owned businesses. “As much as I love creating special picnics for others, it’s equally as important to me to enrich and support the Raleigh community,” says Byrnes. “It’s truly my pleasure to work with these incredible businesses in our community to create an incredible picnic experience for our clients.” Picnic paradise found. 2–6 people, $200-$390 for two hours, larger/longer parties can be accommodated, 

The Spread

Picnic baskets, blanket, pillows, sparkling mineral
water chilled in a Champagne bucket

Champagne flutes, low tabletop tray, plates,
glasses, cutlery, cloth napkins

Seasonal and/or vintage decor. Plus fresh flowers
bouquets (for keeps!)

Bug Off

Mosquito spray options are included
in your basket. 

Rain Check

Rain is no picnic—so if the three-day forecast calls for rain, a staff member will reach out to either reschedule at no charge or move your picnic indoors/under cover.

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