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Raleigh’s first tiny home village! 

The future of Raleigh’s real estate market is looking… small? Just a few months after Raleigh City Council approved the use of tiny homes in city limits, Raleigh-based company Nomad Nation announced its plans to build the city’s first tiny home village—aka a “cottage court”—at 708 Rock Quarry Road. A “place to stay for people who love to move” (hence the term nomad), the community will offer flexible housing (think futuristic, open-concept ~500-square-foot tiny homes, as well as a 3,000-square-foot community mansion designed as a co-living space), car sharing and bikes (the community is located right off the greenway trail). “Most people who want to come here to start a job and don’t know where to live, their only options are an expensive Airbnb or an even more expensive short-term lease they have to figure out how to sublease when they find a permanent home,” says Nomad founder and owner—and NC State alum!—Zach Milburn. This tiny home village will give locals who don’t want to be locked into long-term leases and those who are traveling through the area a more flexible and less expensive option. Raleigh will be the home of Nomad’s first tiny home community, but Milburn eventually wants to create a global network so “you can live wherever you want, whenever you want,” he says, adding: “We think Raleigh has the right ingredients to be the first location.” Seconded! nomadnation.co

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  1. Will the homes also be go or long term. Price range please

    1. Interested on learning more about how long you can stay, cost, if pets are allowed, are homes furnished, is there a waiting list, who qualifies. Etc. I may be relocating to area in 2023 but don’t have a place to go yet.

  2. trying to get an idea when this village will start construction and if the homes will be marketed for sale as they are built…also will there be a pond or a lake like many of the tiny villages are built around in the mountains.
    who would i contact for more info?

  3. Will there be a fee like a H.M.O, also will there be extra fee for dogs and type of dogs you can have at the village

  4. My company did a Concrete job for a tiny home last year. Great little house. Got me thinking a bit about downsizing in the future.

    1. Will you be allowed to lease a lot and put your tiny home on it? Or do you have to purchase your homes?
      Pets allowed? Lease amount?
      When is this going to be ready?
      Only interested if my tiny home can be on the lot.

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