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Time to think outside the clock. … Worldwide bestselling fiction author A.G. Riddle’s newest novel, Lost in Time (dropping Sept. 1), presents a world in which time travel is possible… a place where instead of prison, murderers are sent back to the past. 

After his daughter is accused of murdering his lover (talk about family drama!), Dr. Sam Anderson takes the fall for a crime he didn’t commit to protect his family. Before being sent back in time, he promises to clear his name, return to his family and find out who is responsible for killing the woman he loved. The only problem? The past is full of secrets and the present has problems of its own. 

A native North Carolinian and UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Riddle fell in love with books at a young age and eventually retired from his day job to start penning page-turners—including his previously published novels The Extinction Trials, Departure and The Atlantis Gene (some in development for the big screen!) that have sold over 4 million copies and been translated into 24 languages. 

“I’ve always enjoyed reading, but I started to spend a lot more time reading after college,” says Riddle. “It was the thing I looked forward to every day after work.” Then, given the opportunity to spend a few years starting a new career, “I settled on writing,” he says, “because I wanted to see if I could spend my days working on something I enjoyed so much. It took me two-and-a-half years to write that first novel. I’ve been writing since.”

Riddle’s inspiration for Lost in Time was derived from real-world realities (partly due to the chaos of the pandemic, he says), so his book provides readers with the unique paradox of an escape to a science-fiction world—NTM an ability to relate to characters who have had their lives turned upside down—and, well, feel lost in time.

“The months couped up at home have left all of us with this sense that we’ve been separated from the life we knew, and we’re all sort of trying to put our world back together,” says Riddle. So, facts meet fiction. agriddle.com

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