Here for the Boos

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Tricks or it didn’t happen. … Creep it real with our festive quiz on local horror movies, spooky seasonal specials and other Oak City Halloween tidbits. So if ya got the knowledge, now’s the time to haunt it.

1. While Cape Fear, a tantalizing thriller about a convicted criminal seeking revenge, wasn’t actually filmed on location in NC (boo!), it’s still set in a popular local destination. Where was most of the 1991 version of the film shot instead?

a. Savannah

b. Charleston

c. Wilmington

d. Hilton Head

2. Calling all nerds! Nerd Escape Room on Glenwood South offers up perplexing puzzles perfect for escape room novices or seasoned experts. How many escape room options are there to choose from?

a. 3

b. 4

c. 5

d. 7

3. By day, Dorothea Dix Park is a pleasant place for rest and play. … By night, some say the cemetery on the grounds near Dorothea Dix Hospital is haunted by the spirits of patients long passed. What year did the hospital cease operations?

a. 2000

b. 2012

c. 2015

d. 2018

4. Time to up the fear factor. … Filmed in Shelby, NC, Final Exam is your classic Halloween slasher film feat. college students getting picked off by a nameless killer (how fun!). What year was this hair-raising horror film released?

a. 1981

b. 1990

c. 1995

d. 2002

5. Happy haunting! The Raleigh Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour combines local ghost stories, folklore and history during visits to four different ghost and paranormal sites. At which historic home might you find a
peg-legged ghost?

a. The Yarborough House

b. Heck-Andrews House

c. The White-Holman House

d. The Oberlin House

6. If you think being a Wolfpack fan is easy, you’re dead wrong. NC State’s supposed curse of athletic hardship has haunted our beloved football team for decades. When was the last time the Pack secured an ACC championship?

a. 1979

b. 1980

c. 1983

d. 1995

7. Sir Walter Coffee has scary good coffee and cocktails, NTM rotating seasonal specials that are to die for, including all the classic autumn drinks. What is the name of Sir Walter Coffee’s pumpkin spiced latte?

a. Witch’s Brew

b. Pumpkin Potion

c. Pumpkin King

d. Spice Up Your Life

8. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. Which classic Halloween flick will be showing at Raleigh Little Theatre this month? 

a. Scream

b. Halloweentown

c. The Addams Family

d. Hocus Pocus

9. Trick or treat yo’ self to a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme by showing up in your costume on Halloween (um, doughnut mind if we do!). In what NC city did the first Krispy Kreme open its doors in 1937?

a. Asheville

b. Durham

c. Winston-Salem

d. Fayetteville 

Answers: 1. A; 2. B; 3. B, 4. A; 5. C; 6. A; 7. D; 8. D; 9. C

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