Pets receive treatment at NC State’s Veterinary hospital
July/August 2019

Helping Animals, Helping Humans

Jun 30, 2019 Tracy Jones 0
Researchers at NC State’s vet school are advancing medicine across the species. Ed and Ingrid Carney’s rescued German shepherd, Liesel, loves Jeep rides. During one of those rides to the beach, 5-year-old Liesel jumped out of the […]
Lou Holtz
June 2019

Lou Holtz: The Art of Living Well

May 31, 2019 Jane Porter 0
SPONSORED CONTENT Lou Holtz, the legendary football coach who spent a decade at Notre Dame as well as four seasons leading the Wolfpack, knows quite a bit about living well. After all, he says on […]
October 2018

Fighting For Firefighters

Oct 22, 2018 Cameron Walker 0
In September, 29 large, uncontained wildfires raged in the United States. And, if that isn’t scary enough, a new structure fire occurs somewhere every 66 seconds. The men and women who fight these fires face […]
CALS student holding sweet potatoes.
June 2018

Raking in the Dough

Jun 16, 2018 Christa Gala 0
North Carolina is poised to be a major player in the realm of food technology There’s money in making food for our fair state—and not just in restaurants and farmers markets. Next year, the state, in conjunction with […]
February 2018

Skin Deep

Jan 31, 2018 Tracy Jones 0
Raleighites share the stories behind the ink they wear and the art they help create. We all have our reasons for getting inked. I have three tattoos, one I regret because, at 19, I wanted a […]
Nile Project
March 2017

River of Hope

Mar 6, 2017 Alexandra Drosu 0
The Nile Project is more than a band, more than an event. It’s a collaborative group of 12 musical artists that reflects the cultures of seven countries along the Nile basin, including Egypt, Uganda and […]
December 2016 / January 2017

Igniting Ideas

Dec 14, 2016 Alexandra Drosu 0
NC State’s Entrepreneurship Clinic is known for many success stories—Crank Arm Brewery, Feelgoodz shoes, and Pitch & Primer, to name a few. The program, embedded in HQ Raleigh’s co-working hub, offers students access to real […]
October 2016

The Art of Science

Oct 31, 2016 Alexandra Drosu 0
Inspired by Walt Disney, the NC State College of Sciences takes a novel approach to revitalizing the campus NC State’s College of Sciences Dean William Ditto has a vision for the school, one that infuses […]
Dean Marvin Malecha of NC State
December 2015 / January 2016

Marvin Malecha retires

Nov 30, 2015 Annie Grant 0
One designed the interior of the 2016 Mustang GT. Another worked on ads for Victoria’s Secret, and still another was a finalist on Project Runway. Malecha will retire this month as dean of North Carolina State […]
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