She Believed She Could

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Raleigh-bred country music queen takes to the stage in the Country Music Capital.

“Life’s about to get good.” … So croons country music icon Shania Twain—and the same rings true for Raleigh native Kaylin Roberson as she bolsters her country career in Music City. 

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter got her start in the City of Oaks when she was only 15, singing at local spots such as DTR’s Rye Bar & Southern Kitchen and 42nd St. Oyster Bar while submitting her songs to local stations like 94.7 QDR. “My experience in Raleigh was one I’ll never forget,” reflects Roberson. “It shaped who I am today, and it gave me the drive to move to Nashville.”

In November, the rising star appeared in a limited-run of musical revue She Believed She Could in Nashville—and is now primed to take the stage for the revue’s return in March (!). Starring a cast of six female artists from the acclaimed Song Suffragettes collective, the sensational show pays tribute to country music’s leading ladies—from Dolly Parton to Maren Morris—while integrating the performers’ own original music… aka the perfect collab of the classics and up-and-coming artists.

“I want to be able to change people’s lives through music—and I know that’s a big, broad goal,” says Roberson. “But if I can do that and also be able to pay my rent, then I’m doing well—that’s success for me.” Here, we go behind the scenes on our homegrown up-and-coming star. 

HOME HOODNear South Saunders Street


RELATIONSHIP STATUS Taken by a boyfriend


ALMA MATER East Carolina University



Sam Hunt

PREPPING FOR A SHOW Lots of jumping around, deep breathing and a little self-prayer

CLOSET ESSENTIALS Tall cowgirl boots, sparkly denim and a rock ’n’ roll T-shirt (think Johnny Cash or Guns N’ Roses)

NASHVILLE NOSH SPOT Mexican restaurant Cinco de Mayo

PERSONAL STYLE Concrete cowgirl. I like to mix Western pieces with modern fashion.

BEST ADVICE Be nice to everyone on your way
up because you might have to pass them on the way down.

NEW + NEXT You might hear a song or two I wrote that will be sung by a bigger artist, and I’m also hoping to release four new singles next year.

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