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Rant or Rave: A Heated Opinion

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A cup of coffee… it’s simple, but nevertheless can make or break your morning. Going to work without it would be a tragedy (never mind the dirty look from your boss when you show up late)—but having the coffee shop get your order wrong? Borderline world-ending. 

Lately, I’ve noticed when ordering a cuppa joe, the question that follows from the barista is often: “hot or cold?” I’m sorry, but pretty sure all coffee is assumed hot unless explicitly stated otherwise. You either order a freshly brewed cup of coffee or an iced coffee or cold brew (I’m not even going to touch on all the fancy macchiatos and such). Did I say “iced”? No. So why in the world am I getting asked this question?!

There is something about that statement too… hot or cold? It’s terribly unelevated! In that same vein, cold is miserable, especially in the wintertime. Don’t even think about asking me if I want a cold drink in the middle of winter. 

I will say, however, I’ll take the brutal cringey question over having the barista make me the wrong drink. I’ll never forget the morning I went to my favorite local coffee shop and politely asked for a plain latte. Moments later, at the other end of the bar, the drink appeared; the barista simply smiled and nodded in my direction. But, alas, it was iced. Day. Ruined. 

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