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Take a look at these interestingly illegal license plates.

“QITBTCHN” because you can’t put whatever the heck you want on your license plate—since more than 200 terms, most having to do with sexual orientation (i.e. GAYPRIDE, QUEER and others), have just been taken off the nearly 10,000-term list of disallowed personalized plates. Clearly, rude, weird or random language is still not for the NC streets as it would turn out—from potty language—like, actually—such as P00PCAR, P00PSHIP and LUV2FART to terms like GSPOT, B!TE ME and NUTWAG0N (come on, @NCDOT it’s at least a little funny). So whether or not your ride is trunk heavy, there’s no if, ands or BUTT(s) about it. … But, hey, at least we are allowed some creative liberties—you’ll find about 300,000 vanity plates zooming around the state, but it’ll cost ya a little extra to ride in signature style (aka a $30 upfront cost and annual renewal fee). … Well, DAYUMM.

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