July 2016 / August 2016

Modernizing a Legacy

Jul 18, 2016 Leo Suarez 0
It is possible these days to run into employees from companies like Apple and Google in downtown Raleigh. No, they aren’t shopping for office space but are instead partnering with nearby Shaw University. They are […]
May 2016

Opening the Door to Cuba

Apr 29, 2016 Leo Suarez 0
The Cuban community in Raleigh stands divided behind current events It’s been 85 years since a sitting American president visited the island nation of Cuba and like those watching around the country, Raleigh’s Cuban community […]
April 2016

Drones: A Fly By

Mar 31, 2016 Leo Suarez 0
Drones drop bombs, film movies and even illegally buzz the White House. Jordan Petersen, Founder of Lift Aerial Marketing, creates high-quality photos and videos using drones and is the go-to guy for Raleighites wanting to […]
Boutique Hotels in Raleigh?
February 2016

Boutique Hotels in Raleigh?

Feb 2, 2016 Leo Suarez 0
Eccentric and indivisualistic. Contemporary with a sense of humor. Intimate and caring. If a boutique hotel had a dating profile, that’d be it. A trendy alternative to the “all-business” hotel chains, the boutique hotel trend […]
Next Door app
December 2015 / January 2016

Next Door: New App for Safety

Nov 30, 2015 Leo Suarez 0
The sound of gunshots while sleeping in the early morning made me spring to attention. “Not again,” said my wife as I reached for the phone to call 911. A string of incidents through the […]