April 2016

Spring Fashion

Lunatisme jacket, $228; Lisette L pants, $120; Michael Stars top, $98, all from C.T. Weekends. Hunter Boots, Main & Taylor, $140; HatAttack hat, Monkees of Raleigh, $100; Necklace, Bailey’s, $3695 Left: BCBGMaxazria dress, Kristen’s, $198; Jade dress coat, Kristen’s, […]
April 2016

The Give and the Get Back

Mar 31, 2016 Christa Gala 0
There are hundreds of events in Raleigh every month. In March alone, we hosted for three nights a legendary musician resurrected from retirement, two #1 seeds in the first and second rounds of March Madness […]
April 2016

Generation Z or Generation Me?

Mar 31, 2016 Alexandra Drosu 0
Pampered? Overindulged? Entitled? Whatever you call it, parents are asking the question: Are we spoiling our kids? A lot of emphasis has been placed on protecting our children from social media and the inherent dangers […]
April 2016

The Bourbon Revival

Mar 31, 2016 Christa Gala 1
Bourbon is having a revival. If Hali Haught hadn’t moved to Raleigh, the bourbon bar at the Oak, kitchen & bourbon bar on Lake Boone wouldn’t exist. “We knew we wanted the Oak to have […]
April 2016

Behind the Camera Lens

Mar 31, 2016 Shayla Martin 0
Since September 2013, Kinston has basked in the spotlight thanks to the wildly popular “A Chef’s Life,” the PBS documentary series that follows Chef Vivian Howard and her husband, Ben Knight, as they run their […]
April 2016

One Project Each Year

Mar 31, 2016 Cameron Walker 0
Guilty of home neglect? It’ll bite you big time when you want to list your home. “I see it over and over where families let life get in the way,” says Linda Trevor, Realtor at […]
April 2016

Hurricanes: Charging Forward

Mar 31, 2016 Alexandra Drosu 1
The news media loves drama. And, why not? It sells papers, improves ratings and gets people talking. But quite often a sound bite doesn’t capture the whole story. Lately, Raleigh news outlets have focused on […]
April 2016

Vintage Hues Inspire

Mar 31, 2016 Elie Rossetti Serraino 1
In our Spring fashion photo shoot, our inspirations were the colors and energy of the great fashion photographer Richard Avedon and the quirkiness of British photographer David Bailey and his model muse Jean Shrimpton. Shrimpton […]
April 2016

Buying time

Mar 31, 2016 Annie Grant 0
Americans are obsessed with saving time. We hate waiting in line. We want faster Internet. We want one-day shipping. Heck, we want one-hour shipping. In February, Amazon made Raleigh its 25th city to receive the […]
April 2016

Drones: A Fly By

Mar 31, 2016 Leo Suarez 0
Drones drop bombs, film movies and even illegally buzz the White House. Jordan Petersen, Founder of Lift Aerial Marketing, creates high-quality photos and videos using drones and is the go-to guy for Raleighites wanting to […]
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