Civil war round table
June 2019

What’s in a War

Jun 14, 2019 Megan Dohm 0
Raleigh’s Civil War Round Table uses history as a lens to understanding what unites and divides us. Once a month, members of the Raleigh Civil War Round Table file into the Daniels Auditorium in the North […]
Tintype photography
June 2019

What’s Your (Tin)Type?

May 31, 2019 Megan Dohm 0
The final transformation of a tintype portrait takes about five seconds. Durham-based photographer Riley MacLean thinks it’s like watching a Polaroid from 1850. In five “Mississippis,” the image flips from a slightly eerie negative to a […]
April 2019

Well Read

Apr 22, 2019 Megan Dohm 0
Cheerful, brightly colored books line the shelves, there’s a three-legged dog named River and two scrappy women are at the helm—it’d be easy to idealize a place like Dog-Eared Books.  Tucked away from the buzz […]
March 2019

All Aboard

Mar 10, 2019 Megan Dohm 0
Sunshine warms members of the Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Club as they migrate from breakfast in City Market to their almost-downtown clubhouse for a couple hours of building. The club is roughly 2,000 square […]
February 2019

The Art of the Wild

Feb 11, 2019 Megan Dohm 3
It’s a coolish morning, and rain beats a gentle pattern on the craftsman’s tin roof. In the front of the shop, finished products are on display, and the trim is lined with bright award ribbons. […]
December 2018 / January 2019

Boulted Bread: Bread Before Dawn

Dec 10, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
“Is that a timer?” Joshua Bellamy cocks his head. It’s a Friday morning at Boulted Bread, and timers are going off every 10 minutes or so. The sky is still pitch black, but the bakery […]
December 2018 / January 2019

A Terrible Troupe

Dec 1, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
Ten years ago, W.S. Hobgood had a terrible idea. He was newly retired, still an avid church organist, and had just completed an orchestral conducting class at UNC. A knack for the craft is nothing […]
November 2018

Pecan Day

Nov 21, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
For five decades, southwest Raleigh’s NC Farmers Market has offered seasonable, Carolina-sourced produce, straight from the growers themselves. Throughout the year, the stock lining the edges of the open air market building shifts with the […]
October 2018

Incredible Eggs

Oct 22, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
Bagged lunches, an enthusiastic troupe of children and a teacher repeating her instructions a dozen times. Those are the images most of us conjure up when we think of a field trip. But for the […]
Ulysses Watkins, Mike Phillips and Ed Peebles
July 2018 / August 2018

Fancy Feet

Jul 1, 2018 Megan Dohm 0
It’s long been a basic human impulse to beautify and personalize commonplace things, from ancient cave drawings and pottery to modern-day mugs and jewelry. Here in Raleigh, Mike Phillips and his business, Sir Castle Teees, carries […]