Shrimp and Grits from Wye Hill
June 2019

A New Perspective

May 31, 2019 Lauren Kruchten 0
Boylan Bridge Brewpub is getting a makeover. Sitting atop the North Carolina Railroad tracks on South Boylan Avenue is a brewery and restaurant offering one of the greatest views of downtown Raleigh. But while the […]
Durham Distillery's new Rosé Spritz
June 2019

Spritz Into Summer

May 31, 2019 Raleigh Magazine 0
Durham Distillery is having a good month. In addition to unveiling its third canned cocktail, the Rosé Spritz—a refreshing mix of Conniption Gin with rosé wine, natural flavors and soda water—the San Francisco World Spirits […]
December 2018 / January 2019

Prosecco Passion

Dec 1, 2018 Raleigh Magazine 0
For those who love a bubbly beverage, Prosecco is well on its way to overtaking Champagne as the most popular imbiber’s choice. A variation on sparkling wine, made from Glera grapes and hailing from Veneto, […]
Canned cocktails from Durham Distillery
July 2018 / August 2018

A G&T that’s DIY

Jul 1, 2018 Jane Porter 0
Durham Distiller launches ready-to-drink cocktails “Hassle-free” is not the phrase that comes to mind when you’re dreaming of enjoying a G&T on a North Carolina beach. This month, that all changes with Durham Distillery’s release of […]
A map of North Carolina
June 2018

Travel the Beaten Path

May 31, 2018 Jane Porter 0
From the mountains to the sea, to great beer, food and wine, to natural beauty and a rich cultural history, North Carolina really does have it all. If you’re looking for some fun this summer, […]
May 2018

Moonshine University

May 7, 2018 Kevin D Barrett 0
All trades have certifications and nowadays, bartending is considered a trade more than “what I did between college and my first real job.” (It only took us 100 years to get back to that— thanks, […]
The Chaplin and The Shepherd
November 2017

All About Apples

Oct 30, 2017 Gina Stephens 0
What’s better than apple picking at a local orchard on a sunny fall day? Relaxing with a cozy apple-infused cocktail on a cold or dreary one. We asked local distillers to share their favorite apple-inspired […]
October 2017

In The Know

Oct 23, 2017 Lauren Kruchten 0
There’s no shortage of nightlife here in Raleigh—from bars to art shows to music performances and more, every night holds a wide variety of events to entertain residents of all ages.  With so much going on, […]
Jubala Coffee Cafe
October 2017

Double The Pours

Oct 16, 2017 Lauren Kruchten 0
Raleigh is an ever-growing and expanding city that continues to surprise its residents with new and exciting restaurants, bars, cafes and more, building up the innovative food and drink scene the city is known for. In […]
Whiskey Smash at Raleigh Times
October 2015

Who Wants a Shot?

Sep 24, 2015 Kate Turgeon Watson 0
Are those 21-and-up celebrating? Do they love the taste? Are they just too busy to commit to a cocktail? Or is it a “look- what-I-can-do” situation? There’s no elegant answer. But we came close at Fox […]