April 2019

Restaurant Guru: Tipping Point

Apr 22, 2019 Max Trujillo 0
Dear Restaurant Guru, My husband and I were out to dinner recently and while the food and atmosphere were great, the service was lousy. Our waitress ignored us to start with, then forgot our drinks. […]
September 2018

Restaurant Guru: Lord of the Flies

Sep 21, 2018 Max Trujillo 0
Dear Restaurant Guru, I’ve always believed that fruit flies in a restaurant are a sign the restaurant is dirty and I shouldn’t eat there.  Lately I am seeing fruit flies in lots of Raleigh restaurants. […]
May 2018

Restaurant Guru

May 14, 2018 Restaurant Guru 0
Dear Restaurant Guru, I like dogs, I really do, but there are just some places I don’t think dogs are appropriate. My husband and I went to lunch recently at a sports bar, a great […]
April 2018

Restaurant Guru

Apr 30, 2018 Restaurant Guru 0
Dear Restaurant Guru, I love going to great restaurants with great chefs but what happened to the salt and pepper on the table? I understand chefs think their seasoning is perfect, and sometimes it is, […]
November 2017

Restaurant Guru

Nov 27, 2017 Raleigh Magazine 0
Dear Restaurant Guru, Recently, my husband and I decided to try a restaurant downtown. We didn’t have a reservation but we planned to enjoy a cocktail in their bar and just wait as we weren’t […]