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Four months after launching Pitch & Primer, a mobile men’s shop housed in an Airstream trailer, founder and Raleighite Jared Childs is already making plans for the next stage of the business. He and creative director Lauren Stilwell will hit the road in March and head to Nashville for a weeklong visit.

“Rather than growing into brick and mortar stores, we plan to pop up in different cities,” he says. The idea is to scout out potential markets—Washington, D.C., Austin, Charleston, and Denver, to name a few—and replicate their local success into a type of mobile franchise.

The intimate shop fills a vacancy in retail, mainly showcasing classic, timeless styles in a modern and approachable experience. But there have been challenges along the way: for one, navigating the city’s legislation for mobile retailers. Current laws cater to food trucks and florists while retailers need to apply for special permits in order to park and open business, a time-consuming step. Childs is actively working to amend legislation to include businesses like his and promote what he believes are vibrant and unique contributors to the city. Mobile retailers provide a great platform for unique companies to launch, thrive and eventually grow, he adds.

In the case of Pitch & Primer, the response has been encouraging with people of all ages eager to step inside and shop the well-curated, reasonable-priced collection (the average item costs $70). Childs and Stilwell shared their favorites with us.

Breda Belmont Watch, $70 

The unique designs from this independent studio out of Dallas are both classic and affordable; you’ll be tempted to collect more than one.

Bonobos Chinos, $98

One of the most successful web fashion startups in recent years, the company focuses on fit and quality.

Pocket Squares Knit Ties, $54

Channeling the ‘60s, these classic skinny knit ties are on point this season and reflect the style of an urban gentlemen.

Grayers Montana Waxed & Quilted Parka, $225

Designed by a former Ralph Lauren designer, the LA-based company creates classic yet contemporary styles using high-quality fabrics.

Daneson Single Malt Scotch Toothpicks, $10

This sustainable company prides itself on making simple things beautiful. In this case, the tiny slivers of wood deliver a bold and boozy flavor.

Bread & Boxers, $18

These comfortable boxer briefs were created by two Scandinavian friends who lost their luggage while traveling and thought you should be able to buy a replacement pair at your hotel mini-bar.

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