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WEB EXCLUSIVE As cases of coronavirus continue to rise every day, it has become increasingly important to make sure you’re wearing a face mask when going out in public and in situations where you can’t practice social distancing.

In an effort to set an example for the general public, Duke Health recently launched a masking campaign with the goal to “engage all Duke Health employees to be leaders in wearing a mask—both at work and in their communities—as an effective public health measure to decrease the spread of the coronavirus,” according to Duke Health officials.

Part of the masking campaign uses visual reminders and signage at all three Duke Health hospitals—Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital—that reinforce the importance of employees wearing masks for the benefit of coworkers, patients, visitors and the greater community. These banners emphasize how wearing a face mask shows kindness to others and keeps those around you safe.

Social media engagement, bus wraps and billboards are also a part of the campaign. Duke Raleigh Hospital has shared posts on Facebook educating the public on mask safety and social distancing practices in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. 

“Our number one priority is, and always has been, caring for our patients, their loved ones and each other,” one Duke Raleigh Hospital Facebook post reads. “Right now, part of that commitment to caring includes wearing a mask—when we’re at work, in the community and around others. Because for us, wearing a mask isn’t just about protecting ourselves, it’s about protecting everyone.”

Leigh Bleecker, Interim President of Duke Raleigh Hospital, says that masking is just one example of how Duke Health is helping to keep our community safe and protect the public from the spread of infection.

Some frontline hospital workers wear up to four face masks when they’re on the job in order to prevent themselves from spreading the virus to others. The least you can do is wear one mask when you go to the grocery store—by wearing one, it shows that you care about others, not just yourself.

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