Transfer Co. Food Hall’s New Outdoor Bar

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Raleigh’s resident downtown food hall and market has a new outdoor oasis for your next cocktail sesh. Officially open in July, Transfer Co. Food Hall’s new outdoor bar is serving up handcrafted specialty seasonal cocktails to help you finish up your summer strong (pun intended). 

Feeling salty? Tantalize your tequila fancy with the Mexicali Blues, a margarita with a tart, rich blueberry taste and a touch of smoky heat, thanks to the mezcal (plus reposado tequila, lime, blueberry-peppercorn syrup and Hellfire shrub). 

Or vibe with the perfect porch potable via the refreshing and herbal Mamie Taylor, a blended scotch with yellow chartreuse and ginger syrup, with fresh lime and Transfer Co aromatic bitters.

In need of ‘A Little R&R’? Then order one… TCFH’s sipper by that ever-so-apt name serves up an herbal, fruity spin on the Caipirinha—the Brazilian classic reborn with Leblon cachaca, fresh muddled lime and strawberry-rosemary syrup. 

And if you’re feeling tropical (who isn’t?), wash down a Flyboy—the twist on the classic gin cocktail takes you to the tropics via coconut-washed gin, maraschino liqueur, lemon and creme de violet. Paradise found, indeed. @transfercofoodhall

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