Boozy Bill Becomes Law

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NC Dems and GOP reach across the aisle to find common ground on alcohol & football.

Intoxicating news that deserves a cheers: Gov. Roy Cooper recently signed House Bill 890 into a law, which loosens a number of regulations covering the sale and consumption of alcohol in North Carolina (hint: open container may be in Raleigh’s future…). Effective Oct. 1, the bill allows cities and counties to create social districts—aka areas where it’s legal to mill around with a drink. (The social districts will be ordained and created on a city-by-city basis.) The bill also permits individuals to order liquor from ABC stores online (!) for in-person pickup. And—Wolfpack fans, this one’s for you—HB 890 also allows fans at college sporting events to buy two drinks at a time—so now your whole crew doesn’t have to leave the stands (Doeren will be so thrilled) to get a brew. It’s sure to be a game-changer. Pour one out for your liver…

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