Hole-y Moley

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Tepuy Donuts’ new fall flavors are a hole-in-one.

Besides finally being able to step outside without immediately breaking a sweat, one of our favorite things about fall is all the fall-inspired foods (pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, sweet potato… we could go on). Two local standouts we’re most excited about? Tepuy Donuts’ seasonal apple pie doughnut and pumpkin creme brulee doughnut. *Pause for audible gasp and drool.*

Tepuy Donuts owner Alejandro Contreras makes his apple pie doughnut—which just screams fall—with farmers market apple compote, graham crackers and whipped cream, while the almost-famous pumpkin creme brulee doughnut stars pumpkin spice creme patisserie and a crispy caramel topping. (If you weren’t excited for fall yet, we bet you are now.)

Contreras debuted the pumpkin creme brulee doughnut last year, and it quickly became one of the most sought-after fall desserts in Raleigh. Now, both the pumpkin and apple pie flavors are sure to be a hit, just like the rest of Contreras’ delicious and irresistible doughnuts found at Idle Hour Coffee, Iris Coffee Lab, The Rockford and Mandolin.

“I can’t not do a pumpkin doughnut,” Contreras says. “I mean pumpkin is everywhere. Both flavors are a must.” Starbucks PSL, you’ve met your (oh-so-decadent) match. @tepuydoughnuts

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