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Gigpro App to Help With Staffing Shortages in Raleigh

In Buzz, December 2021/January 2022, Web Exclusive by Lauren Kruchten1 Comment

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Charleston-based Gigpro app is launching in Raleigh—hoping to help with local staffing shortages.

“Now Hiring” signs have become all too familiar around Raleigh—and across the country. Since the pandemic struck, employees are becoming more and more scarce every day, resulting in many local stores having to cut hours (or even close down for a whole day). Case in point: Wake County ABC stores announced they were closing at 7 p.m.—two hours earlier than normal—for at least the rest of January, while (ish) delicatessen had to close for a whole day due to staffing issues that resulted after a couple of its members had potential COVID exposures. 

Here to the rescue is the just-Raleigh-launched Gigpro restaurant staffing app, “created by the service industry for those with experience in the service industry,” that helps connect people who want to work within the hospitality industry to those who need to fill shifts.

“Traditional staffing methods didn’t really work before; they’re definitely not going to work now,” says Ben Ellsworth, founder and president of Gigpro. “We need to think outside the box. Gigpro is attractive to pros because it gives them an on-demand rate and the flexibility to work when and where they want. It provides businesses instant access to those people and the ability to get in front of more possible applicants quicker because they’re actually coming in to work a shift and make money.” 

Based out of Charleston but active in 12 markets across the South (now including Raleigh!), Gigpro’s on-demand model is currently filling 1 million labor hours per year in the hospitality industry. 

To celebrate its launch in Raleigh, Gigpro is hosting a happy hour launch party on Wednesday, Jan. 12 at Raleigh Brewing Company. Upon signing up, guests will receive a complimentary drink ticket, food by Baltic Bites Food Truck, and the op to enter a raffle to win gift certificates to various local bars and restaurants (that may or may be staffed with help from Gigpro!). Additionally, hospitality businesses that sign up with Gigpro at the event will receive a $200 rebate. 

And let’s just hope—with the help of Gigpro—being short-staffed can be a thing of the past…

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