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The owners of Pelagic Beer & Wine are opening a sister shop.

When husband-and-wife team Matt and Amanda Allen realized their vision to offer more at their independent craft beer, wine and cider shop Pelagic Beer & Wine was a little too large for its 800-square-foot space, instead of dashing the dream, the owners bought another building on South Saunders Street—offering them the opp to grow and serve more of what they love. And while similar in concept to Pelagic, this younger, spunkier sibling—anticipated to open mid-July—will take the duo’s locally loved offerings next-level. 

Beyond peddling local, artisanal snacks, Riparian Provision Co. will also have 14 taps aflowin’ with beer, cider, hard seltzer and, potentially, wine, kombucha and cold brew to sip on either inside or out on the patio—plus cider, wine and beer to purchase to prolong the sips once home. 

Designed as a thoughtfully curated retail space with a tasting bar, the new “provisions co.” (hence the name), will also serve up locally produced selects—from daily needs (think coffee, milk, creamer, bacon and eggs) to plants to feed your growing additions (see the dedicated corner where folks can buy native and indoor tropicals in addition to potting supplies).

“We wanted it to be its own little spot, but also connect enough to Pelagic so that people recognized that it was us and what we’re all about,” explains Amanda. Plus, the new location’s 2,400 square feet provides the space to spread their creative plans.  

As you might have guessed from the shops’ unique names—Pelagic (relating to the open sea) and Riparian (relating to or situated on the banks of a river)—the Allens are passionate about water and the environment. But they are also firm believers in supporting independent businesses. 

And when it comes to other liquids—aka their beverage selection—they don’t make exception. While Amanda says that some craft beer brands you find in your traditional grocery store might seem to come from independent businesses, they’ve actually been purchased by larger beer companies.

“We choose to sell only independent brands—which sometimes means refusing some good beer—in order to best support the little guys in the craft beer industry and help the industry grow,” she adds. “We are the only store in Raleigh/the Triangle that does that, sometimes refusing good beer because
it’s not independent.”

Beyond lifting up independent brewers, the Allens are also committed to community, and, leaning into that, they are hoping to grow and build a connection with the area around South Saunders Street once they open, says Matt—including leading regular cleanups of the locally adopted stream in the neighborhood. 

“We just installed some words along the storefront to kind of advertise what we’re going to be doing and selling,” adds Amanda. “And so it’s beer, wine, plants, provisions and community—and community is kind of the last one over the two front doors, and I think that’s really important to us and what we pride ourselves on at Pelagic. … I think our customers would say this is a community spot, and people feel comfortable here, and people feel welcome here, and you don’t have to be from here to experience that.” @riparianprovisionco

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