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Catching z’s is controversial—slothful or smart? Here, some sound slumber philosophies you don’t want to sleep on.

When asked the secret to his age-defying physique and envy-inducing contentment in a recent viral Men’s Health interview, 53-year-old Ant-Man superhero Paul Rudd named simply one thing: Sleep. (Yes, he’s really 53—score 1 for sleep.)

In Short Supply: 

A new Apple Heart & Movement Study reveals a mere 31% participants get the rec 7 hours.

Sure, beauty rest seems like an obvious answer, even for heroes like Ant-Man, but advice on the “right” amount of slumber to be the most successful version of yourself varies—wildly (understatement). Get at least nine hours of sleep like Panther-cum-49er Christian McCaffrey to defy the depths and heights of human strength and possibility. Or rise by 3:45am to channel your inner genius like Apple CEO Tim Cook while the world sleeps to, well, rule the world? 

While hour recs vary—the American Heart Association just released guidelines for seven to nine hours nightly for most adults, while The Sleep Foundation settles for “at least seven”—one thing experts do seem to agree on when it comes to rest is regularity. As just-released study in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveals, irregular sleep may damage your heart, NTM elevate risk of dementia, depression, high blood pressure and more. But when it comes to logging z’s and which side of the sun you rise on to be your best self, the jury is out. So we asked some local VIPs and MVPs how much sleep they get on average + their sleep philosophy.

“6, but I strive desperately for 8: Sleep seems to be the luxury I can’t afford.” 

Estella Patterson, Raleigh Police Chief

“At least 6–7 hours: ‘Happiness consists of getting enough sleep.’”
—Torry Holt, former football standout; co-founder, Holt Brothers Foundation 

“5–6 hours: I respect and appreciate sleeping and/or resting… but the truth is, I only sleep when absolutely necessary.”
—Nick Neptune, entrepreneur and advocate

“6–7 hours and begin my sleep routine as early as 8:30pm to fall asleep by 11pm: Health is wealth, and a key to good health is adequate sleep.” 

—Terrence Holt, former
football standout; co-founder, Holt Brothers Foundation

“8.25 hours: Sleep is crucial. I’m a committed sleeper. … I am fanatical, though, about getting my sleep on proper cycles, which, for me, are 45 minutes long. So I need my night’s rest to always be a multiple of 45 minutes.”

 —David Burris, executive
producer (The Mole) + TV/film director and producer

“6 hours… 7 is a luxury; 5 or less means I won’t be at my best: I love sleep but I also love being present for my family and my restaurant team, which means my creative time is often very early or very late. My wife and I are often still working on our laptops in bed at 1am.” 

Scott Crawford, restaurateur

“6–7 hours: Sleep? I need more of it, but it’s not happening anytime soon.”
Mary-Ann Baldwin, Mayor

“A good 6–8 hours—and if that doesn’t happen, I usually can make up the lack of sleep with a nap: The more I get the better.” —RM Bartender of the Year Colby Kress

“7 hours: No less than 6 hours of sleep. Always have a day that you sleep in. Always have a night when you go to bed early.” —Jermaine Caldwell, local DJ

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