February 2019

O-Ku: Breaking Bread

Feb 4, 2019 Jane Porter 0
It’s late afternoon on a weekday at Raleigh’s new, Japanese cuisine focused restaurant O-Ku Sushi, located on the first floor of the Dillon building in downtown’s Warehouse District. Servers and sushi bar staff, clad in […]
March 2018

A Fortunate Blend

Feb 28, 2018 Lauren Kruchten 0
IT’S NOT EVERY DAY that you stumble upon an Asian restaurant with an Italian-American chef whipping up pho and dumplings in the kitchen. But at downtown Raleigh’s MOFU Shoppe, it’s just part of the routine for executive chef Matt Greiner. MOFU, meaning “more fortune,” […]
Jake and Shannon Wolf express their interests for Capital City 16 restaurant.
February 2018

Dining with the Wolfs

Feb 14, 2018 Cameron Walker 0
Capital Club 16 is a labor of love and a peek into the past   Passing through the curtained vestibule of Capital Club 16 is like stepping back in time to yesteryear, a golden age, the […]
Garland in Raleigh
February 2017

The Sound of Spices

Feb 6, 2017 Cameron Walker 0
Cheetie Kumar is fueled by twin passions: food and music. In a three-story building on Martin Street downtown, her dreams are stacked like a layer cake—basement-level bar Neptune’s Parlour, third-floor music venue Kings and, sandwiched […]