Flourishing Fashion

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View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-ncThis month, The Flourish Market, a fashion boutique on wheels, is celebrating its first anniversary. Owner Emily Sexton’s travels abroad volunteering in developing countries inspired her to launch the business. She wanted to support local female artisans who were selling jewelry, clothing and crafts to survive. “A dignified job is a game-changer for a
family and a community,” she says. Already, she’s seen her work impact many communities. Her sales of Elegantees clothing have helped hire another 20 women in Nepal, who were rescued from sex traffickers.

She curates her shop’s collection based on her personal style, one that can be described as global bohemian, and she wants her pieces to evoke a compliment. “If you’re carrying or wearing it, I want someone to ask you about it,” she says. Plus, affordability is important to her, with more than 80 percent of her offerings costing $50 or less. The quick success of her fashion truck has lead to her next project, opening a brick-and-mortar store this month at The Devon in Glenwood South. Here, she picks five seasonal trends for fall.

View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-nc

Green and Gorgeous

“Army green is big this fall,” says Sexton. Elegantees, a socially minded clothing line that reduces vulnerability through opportunity, has the perfect top: an olive Duster Cardigan ($52) that looks great on all body shapes.

View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-ncChic Studs

Sasa Designs by the Deaf hires deaf artisans in Kenya who are often stigmatized in the country and have a difficult time finding work. These round studs ($24) look great on everyone and are on trend and stylish.

View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-nc

Ethnic Fabrics

Last year was all about tribal patterns, but ethnic fabrics are trending now. GAIA employs and empowers resettled refugees through its range of bags and accessories. The Flower Crown fold-over clutch ($178) incorporates a handwoven tribal Thai fabric on the front.

View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-nc

Natural Elements

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and BÉLJOY aims to change that by teaching Haitian women the trade of jewelry making and paying a superior wage. Sourcing all natural materials—stones, wood and horn—to create stunning pieces like the Truly Necklace ($46).

View More: https://em-grey.pass.us/raleigh-magazine-september-2016-the-flourish-market-em-grey-photography-raleigh-nc

Dainty Details

This delicate feather bracelet ($14) made by first generation college students in the U.S. makes a stylish gift. Helping those closer to home, the Shine Project supports inner city youth trying to put themselves through school.

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