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The City of Raleigh’s forthcoming mega mobile screen will allow residents to watch sports games, movies, concerts and more from myriad city locales.

It’s a no-brainer to prop up at a local bar to watch a Canes game (or at your house for that matter), but what if we told you could catch a game at, say, Dorothea Dix Park? Game face on… that before-now unattainable wish could soon become a reality thanks to a new mobile screen the City of Raleigh hopes to acquire by the end of the year.

The concept—a partnership between the City and Downtown Raleigh Alliance—stemmed from a group of Raleighites who wanted to watch the World Cup outside about 10 years ago. Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin says the City was considering either a mobile unit or a stationary unit, but due to the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues, the mobile screen is currently the best investment.

“[The mobile screen] can activate Downtown, but can also activate our parks, and we can do outreach in lower income areas, so we can actually bring this to the kids and to the families,” says Baldwin. 

The mobile screen will be attached to a truck so that it can be driven around to multiple parts of the city. And the screen can be used to watch more than just sports games—think, for example, showing a movie in Chavis Park or broadcasting a concert at Dix. 

“There is a strong contingent of people who want to watch soccer games and other types of celebrations outside together,” Baldwin says. “This would allow us to do that.”

Baldwin adds that the mobile screen will also be able to help Raleigh residents safely gather again together, noting that a lot of people feel safer gathering outside. And, in the future, DTR may just get a Times Square-type megatron for even more celebratory gatherings. We’ll be watching. 

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