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’Tis the season for a cozy cup of hot cocoa—whether you believe in chocolate before breakfast or spiking the classic (holly jolly, indeed!) for a pick-me-up (hey, get chip-faced… no judgment!). Here, we drop knowledge like it’s hot… chocolate—and dare you to ace it.

1. Which local sweet spot serves up a history lesson in each sip with hot cocoa selections dubbed Spain, 1631; Xochiaya; and Italy, 1670?

a. Lucettegrace

b. Videri Chocolate Factory

c. Escazu Chocolates

d. The Chocolate Boutique 

2. La Farm Bakery offers a scratchmade hot chocolate mix (inspired by owner Lionel Vatinet’s dad, George) that includes Belgian chocolate, sugar, spices and cream imported from what country?

a. Peru

b. France

c. Germany

d. Chile

3. Which Raleigh chef features a decadent chocolate souffle on its menu that’s pretty much hot chocolate in dessert form?

a. Scott Crawford

b. Ashley Christensen

c. Sunny Gerhart

d. Sean Fowler

4. For some farm-fresh holiday feels, which local farm is hosting a Winter Lights celebration complete with hot cocoa and s’mores, outdoor holiday movies, and a photo op with Santa Claus himself? 

a. Cathis Farm

b. Page Farms

c. Raleigh City Farm

d. Phillips Farms

5. What year did iconic sweet spot Videri Chocolate Factory open its doors and start making us melt by serving up such sweet selects as its sipping chocolate (aka its single-origin chocolates in a rich 2-oz. pour—literally melted chocolate for sipping!)?

a. 1998

b. 2006

c. 2011

d. 2013

6. Which local cocktail spot serves up an adult version of your childhood favorite with its boozy hot cocoa drink?

a. Bittersweet Raleigh

b. Killjoy

c. Atlantic Lounge

d. Foundation

7. Which local distillery sells a Damn Fine Chocolate Liqueur that, when combined with hot chocolate mix and fernet, makes a mean boozy and sweet bev that’s ideal for sipping around the fire on cold winter nights?

a. Young Hearts Distilling

b. Pinetop Distillery

c. Durham Distillery

d. Olde Raleigh Distillery

8. So seedy! Harmony Farms in-house cafe features a raw hot chocolate made with cacao, dates and what other superfood?

a. Chia seeds

b. Flaxseeds

c. Pumpkin seeds

d. Hempseeds

9. Escazu Chocolates offers eight different varieties of hot cocoa (!), so you’re guaranteed to never bore your sweet tooth this season. Which of these varietals cannot be found on its menu?

a. Spicy hot chocolate

b. Pumpkin hot chocolate

c. Peanut butter hot chocolate

d. Choco-chai hot chocolate

Answers: 1. C; 2. B; 3. D; 4. A; 5. C; 6. A; 7. C; 8. D; 9. B

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