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Dig You a Waffle Lot

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Life’s butter with waffles. And chicken. From sweet to spicy to savory, brunch spots around town are serving up im-peck-able droolworthy spins on the classic chicken and waffles combo that’ll leave you waffling for more. Wanna know which you favor? Fret not. I embarked upon a chicken and waffle culinary tour and ate my way through them to dish the deets so you can get straight to the seat for the flavor you savor. 

1. For a classic spin on the brunch staple, Clouds Brewing’s Belgian waffle topped with lightly fried chicken and your choice of syrup or honey will leave you on, well, cloud nine. And, true story, it tastes even better on that pretty perfect patio.

2. If you’re lookin’ to add a lil spice to your life, sweet and spicy collide at Hummingbird, where chef/owner Coleen Speaks’ combo of pillowy waffle with maple syrup and hot honey herb butter topped with a tender chicken breast buttermilk brined for two days (with lemon and garlic) is peck-ularily divine.

Photo Courtesy of Coleen Speaks

3. If you feel like just chillin’, you’re gonna wanna kick it up a notch with The Rockford’s clucking good iteration of crispy bone-in fried chicken and local stewed collards paired perfectly with a sweet Belgian waffle with chipotle honey that promises to turn up the heat this winter.

4. Breakfast-for-dinner lovers will love Mandolin’s savory, scrumptious and sustainable (plus—super ’Gram-worthy!) spin on the brunch OG—think fried Joyce Farms chicken breast over buckwheat waffles, braised greens and sauteed mushrooms with a bacon-mushroom emulsion and truffle honey. It’s one of chef/owner Sean Fowler’s signatures and it’s holy shiitake good.

5. Obv, no chicken (and waffle) list would be complete without Ashley Christensen. For a taste of the top toque’s signature spin, Beasley’s Chicken + Honey is your go-to (for brunch and dinner!). Start with your pref of a la carte chicken deep-fried and honey-drizzled; then have it served atop a waffle with honey butter and syrup. Pro tip: Spice it up with Carolina Reaper hot oil (on the side or tossed with the chicken)—we dare you. 

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