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More Streeteries Are Coming to Downtown Raleigh

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WEB EXCLUSIVE Outdoor diners and drinkers rejoice!

If you’re outdoorsy in that you like drinking on patios, your outdoor imbibing sesh just got a huge upgrade. Enter the City of Raleigh’s new outdoor seating regulations that allow for (more) “streeteries” to be implemented at DTR bars and restaurants beyond the pandemic. (Can we get a cheers?!)

You’ve likely already tossed back a brew or two on a streetery—which converts on-street parking spaces to provide more outdoor seating for patrons—in the past two-plus years (Crank Arm, Irregardless Cafe and The Raleigh Times are just a few local businesses that added one to their patios during the pandemic), but now you’ll see them cropping up at more and more at sip and sup spots around town thanks to a $500,000 grant from the American Rescue Plan.

And before any DTR parking rants start… hear us out (and, TBH, we rec an Uber for that spirits sesh anyway). While streeteries may take away from local businesses’ parking spots, they will ultimately help locally owned Raleigh restaurants and bars thrive—so a chicken and egg situation, if you will. According to Crank Arm owner Adam Eckhardt in a November 2021 interview with Spectrum News 1, the streeteries helped gain a lot of positive feedback from customers and helped his business survive during the worst of COVID. 

But streeteries aren’t the only thing sticking around. Raleigh City Council also just approved an ordinance to codify temporary curbside pickup zones into the City Code—meaning, whether you like it or not, they’re here to stay. A result of DRA’s Public Realm Study, the now-permanent curbside pickup zones provide customers of local businesses a safe spot to park their vehicles and pickup takeout orders, which have remained a prominent option for a lot of local restaurants—and for Raleighites who enjoy cozying up on their couches with a good, local meal. (Again, yes, street parking takes the backseat—but without that spot to pull up in DTR how often were you really considering takeout…) 

So whether you dig dining or drinking outside or pref easy no-fuss pullup to grab that to-go box in your PJs to nosh on at home, Downtown Raleigh has plenty of ops for how and where you want to eat and drink. 

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