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4 wellness retreats in NC to help meet that annual New Year’s resolution

As the clock strikes midnight Dec. 31, millions of Americans will vow to follow a healthier lifestyle (after cheersing with that bottle of bubbly, natch). Whether that means physical or mental health (or both!), several retreats throughout the state are here for it—making it easier to stick to that resolution (practice makes perfect). Here are four best-in-class wellness retreats within a four-hour drive of Raleigh that’ll help you reach those 2023 #goals. This is your year!  

Skyterra Wellness Retreat
Pisgah Forest
Jump-start change, build new habits and improve your overall health at this award-winning intimate wellness retreat surrounded by the awe-inspiring Blue Ridge Mountains, the Pisgah National Forest and the French Broad River that touts core pillars like self-care and stress-management, weight loss, fitness and mobility, nutrition, recreation and adventure, and yoga and mindfulness. With 80+ activities from which to choose during your stay—think trail walks, culinary demos, therapy, spa services and more—you’re free to customize your retreat based on your personal goals. Just think of it as a vacation for your health! 

Prama Institute & Wellness Center
Satiate your body and your mind through Prama’s signature juice cleanse and wellness retreats. Not your average juice cleanse, this program includes a specially arranged juice cleanse and detox that helps improve digestive health, flush out toxins and reenergize your body (while promising to keep you full, natch), paired with yoga and meditation classes, spa treatments, and private counseling sessions. The wellness center also features a sauna for some still but steamy downtime—or, for active types, 120 acres of hiking trails for those looking to, well, take a hike. It’s all about balance! Dec. 7–11, Jan. 11–15, 

The Art of Living Retreat Center
According to this Western NC wellness center, the art of living well is all about prioritizing rest and relaxation (now that’s a MO we can get behind!). You can literally choose to do nothing at all, or participate in a variety of life-enhancing workshops and activities designed to reduce stress, increase mental focus, revive your senses and strengthen your overall well-being. Move your body via fitness classes like yoga, Zumba or Pilates; soothe your mind through meditation and breathing classes; express your creativity by taking a painting, pottery or cooking class; or legit chill. We’ll take one of everything, please. 

The Phoenix Retreat
It’s easy to rise like a phoenix at this stunning 46-acre retreat tucked away in the AVL mountains, what with its nature-focused experiences like hiking, yoga and fitness classes. (Name a better way to clear your mind than a walk in the woods—we’ll wait.) The resort’s signature program, Phoenix Fire, includes a full week of mind + body restoration that’s designed to address the foundations of lasting wellness: fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and mindfulness. And in addition to those fulfilling activities, you’ll also be treated to massages, locally sourced vegan meals and luxury accommodations—because who said you can’t better yourself while treating yourself?

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